Being Melbourne based, we deliver all of our beds using our own delivery teams in the Melbourne region and many parts of Victoria where we can offer a full delivery service and set-up. For interstate or distant locations we use contract carriers, most of whom will deliver to your door but not beyond.

Old Mattress Removal

Where we use our own teams to do the deliveries we can also arrange for your old mattress to be removed. Where we are using contract drivers we cannot offer this service unfortunately, however in many areas of Australia local councils or “Mattress Recyclers” can remove old mattresses for you.

60 Day Comfort Trial

We are committed to delivering the best sleep products to all of our customers. We offer a 60 day comfort trial for all of our mattresses (Except customise sized mattresses). During the trial period, should you discover that the mattress you purchased is too firm or too soft, you can request for a ‘core’ or ‘pod/topper’ change. We want to make sure you get the right feel for your new mattress.

If the request is to move up into a more expensive range then we can advise a cost for doing so.

Depending on the location, there may be a carrier fee to cover the cost of transportation each way. Timing of the exchange depends on the availability of the products. This cost would be calculated and advised / agreed prior to the exchange taking place.

To be entitled for an exchange, the item must not be found dirty, marked, damaged or abused when inspected by our staff. It must also be packaged suitably for the journey to protect it from potential damage.

Changes can only be done within our existing range of products and combinations.

10 Year Warranty

Our latex mattresses come with a 10 year warranty.

It is important rotate and flip your mattress regularly (Seasonally is our recommendation). If you do so our latex will keep its shape and feel for many years without any significant indentation based on normal use. The covers have a fibre filling which will flatten a little over time, however this is the nature of the product and completely normal. We will repair or replace (at our option) products or components that are deemed to have faults resulting from poor manufacturing during the warranty period.

We may refuse service if your mattress is not deemed to be in a sanitary condition. Also, for other causes like abuse, damage from an inappropriate foundation (Base), or what is normal wear and tear.