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Heveya Plush Latex Mattress


The Heveya Plush Mattress is a 31cm high 100% Natural, Organic certified latex mattress.

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The Heveya Plush Mattress is a 31cm high 100% Natural, Organic certified latex mattress.

Super comfortable, our Heveya Plush Mattress has the added pillowtop to provide extra cushioning to ease sore joints and relieve pressure points.

Having all of the wonderful, natural features of our regular Heveya Organic range, the Plush model is the ‘El Supremo’ of mattresses.

100% Natural, organic certified Latex that contours to and supports your body.

Fully removable Bamboo fabric covers with organic cotton filling.

No glues or fillers used to maximise airflow, comfort and elasticity.

Excellent ‘no partner disturbance’ properties.

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Long Single (91×203)

King Single (107×203)

Double (137×190)

Queen (152×203)

King (183×203)

Split King (183×203)


Natural goodness
The cores of this Heveya latex mattress are made of 100% natural organic latex harvested from a certified organic latex plantation in Sri Lanka. The mattress cover is made from environmentally friendly bamboo fibre textiles and is filled with natural organic cotton filling making it soft and luxurious.

Customized firmness levels
No more compromises on sleep comfort when you sleep with a partner. If one person wants a firmer mattress and the other wants a softer mattress, you can have it all enclosed in a single king size mattress cover.

All of our mattresses come with a 10‐year warranty.

Progressive support
This plush Heveya mattress comes with three layers of 100% natural organic latex. Similar to the Heveya Regular model, the bottom layer is firmer to provide better back support and the middle layer is softer to provide comfort. For a luxurious touch, a 7cm soft layer is added on top, resulting in a blissful night’s sleep! Heveya latex mattresses easily conform to your body shape and contour, aligning your spine in its natural position regardless of your sleeping position. All this is possible because of latex’s natural elastic properties and progressive support feature. As a result, your body is totally relaxed and is able to recuperate well during the night. You will wake up feeling refreshed and recharged every morning.


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