When you have a look at each of our mattresses on this website you will see at the top of the section our Feel Gauge for each mattress.

Our Feel Gauge has been developed to give people a guide as to the softness or firmness of the mattress when compared to the other products in our range.

We have divided it into two sections:

Support System is either the springs or the latex core in the lower section of the mattress. this provides the majority of the support in the mattress. Our gauge is designed so the more blue bars showing in the gauge represents a firmer support system. Therefore 5 blue bars is a firmer support than 2 blue bars.

Comfort Layers are the feel in the very top of the mattress, above the support system. These can be in the form of a ‘pillow top’, or just a regular shaped mattress. this gauge is reversed so the fewer blue bars represent a firmer comfort top. more blue bars represent a softer top feel.

If you have any specific questions about the feel in a mattress, please feel free to either contact us, or visit our showroom. Everyone has a different interpretation of comfort and feel. We provide this gauge as a guide only to help assist people with understanding where products sit in our range.