In recent years mattress technology has enabled mattresses to be zoned. Zoning means that different sections of the mattress have different levels of support to help improve spinal alignment.

In most people, the hip region is the heaviest part of the body, therefore it is essential that they are well supported. Therefore the support system of a zoned mattress in the hip area is more firm to offer adequate support.

The shoulders protrude more and as a result the mattress can have more softness or ‘give’ in that area.

Head and feet do not need as much support and therefore the normal support of the mattress is fine.

There is no hard and fast rule on which level of zoning suits a particular body type as each individual is different. It is a matter of trying mattresses with different zones to see which feels the best for you.

Please refer to our zoning video which shows and explains zoning in latex and pocket spring mattresses further.