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100% Natural Latex or 100% Natural and Organic Certified Latex

Our Mattresses are made from 100% natural latex, tapped from rubber trees and made without any springs, synthetic foams or glue. You can also choose our 100% natural, organic certified latex in our Heveya mattress range.

Excellent Back Support & Spinal Alignment

The natural latex layers in our mattresses provide superior comfort and progressive support, allowing your spine to be comforted in it’s natural alignment.

Removable & Washable Cover

Apart from the latex being naturally anti-dustmite & hypoallergenic, the cover can be removed and cleaned for extra hygiene.

60 Day Comfort Layer Trial

We believe we have found the success recipe that suits every sleeper. Not satisfied with your mattress firmness?
Exchange to a different density within the 60 days on us!


Happy Customers

My wife and I are very happy with our Queen Size innerspring mattress and it is showing no signs of sagging after several months of use. We chose the second firmest in the range and it is very comfortable and gives good support. Certainly good value for money but we do have one serious complaint. The mattress has no handles which all our previous mattresses from other suppliers have had, and it is very heavy and difficult to turn over for lack of places to get a good grip. We will never buy a mattress without handles again. We are near the factory and if it was collected and handles fitted you would get a rave review!

Robin Page, 5-stars

Mattress builders understand beds because they make them my experience ment l was advised to check the base if it was okay which it was then only a mattress was required I was then able to spend an extra $400 to purchase the top of the range mattress.

Brian Bellote, 5-stars

Excellent customer service. Unfortunately found (as mature aged people) that we needed a bit more cushioning. We bought toppers and that helped, however I would buy spring mattresses next time to give softer support.

Annemarie Tarasuik, 4-stars

Very helpful and knowledgeable. The latex mattress we bought is extremely comfortable. We are having the best sleep!

Ana Chris, 5-stars

Just bought my daughter’s bed. George was wonderful to deal with. Love the bed and service. I am going to buy my son a bed now as we are so pleased with the quality and price. Thank you!

Karmen Vannutini, 5-stars
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